Ed Pettit

Edwin Gerrard Pettit (1933-2013), we knew him as Ed, joined Oiseau Rock Squadron about twenty years ago. He did most of his boating in a small lake near his cottage on Alumette Island so we did not meet him on the Ottawa River, but he was a very loyal member who attended every Change of Watch Dinner that I can remember. Ed was a very quiet gentleman who was fascinating to talk with. I always made a point of chatting with him in person at these dinners because most of my other conversations with Ed were over the telephone discussing Squadron events.

Ed worked at AECL for thirty-five years before his retirement. After his retirement he took an active role in the Algonquin Chapter of the Federal Superannuates (FSNA). In that capacity he served as the Health Benefits Officer for many years and helped many retirees speed up their enquiries on Health Benefits. He was the first-line in a call for help – he could advise you whom to contact to get a definitive answer to your question.

Ed also served as First Vice President on the Board of Directors of FSNA in 2009 and 2010. While talking with a FSNA Board Member in an attempt to get a better picture of Ed, I was told that Ed was a quiet gentleman who was a great asset to their Board. This Board Member thought the best way to describe Ed was a person “who didn’t need his ego stroked”. He did his job superbly with little fanfare.

I have not met members of Ed’s family, but the Squadron extends their sincerest sympathy to them.