Courtesy Checks

The Recreational Vessel Courtesy Check (RVCC) is a check of your vessel to ensure it complies with the Safe Boating Guide published by Transport Canada –

The RVCC program is a joint venture of the CPS and Transport Canada to:

  • promote awareness of boating safety issues, and
  • encourage all operators of pleasure craft regardless of size (e.g., power boats, sail boats, jet skis, pontoon boats and house boats) to follow safe boating practises.

Under this program, CPS volunteers will, at the request of the owner, check the pleasure craft to ensure that the safety requirements for the type and size of pleasure craft are met with respect to the following areas:

  • Personal lifesaving appliances such as life jackets or PFDs, buoyant heaving lines, lifebuoys and reboarding devices,
  • Vessel safety equipment such as anchor and line, and bilge pumps,
  • Visual signals such as watertight flashlight and flares,
  • Navigation equipment such as sound-signalling devices, navigation lights, magnetic compass, and
  • Fire fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers.

A number of ORS members successfully completed Transport Canada’s RVCC training and are available to check local pleasure craft. For more information in the Deep River area, contact Ross Judd by phone at 613-584-4418 or by email at , or in the Pembroke/Petawawa area, contact Gerry Morris by phone at 613-735-3573 (evenings) or 613-735-4594 (normal business hours) or by email at .

Having a courtesy check could avoid a costly fine!