2014 Summer Rendezvous at Oiseau Rock

It’s time for Oiseau Rock Squadron Members and Friends to celebrate the ANNUAL OISEAU ROCK RENDEZVOUS! The rendezvous is scheduled for Saturday, August 9th.

All members and boater friends are invited to come to an afternoon of hors d’ouvres and a corn roast. Corn and butter are supplied by the Oiseau Rock Squadron and everyone is asked to bring an hors d’ouvres or appetizer to share as well as their favourite beverage.

Festivities run from 3:00 pm onward. Many participants stay over in their boats or in tents on shore and enjoy chatting with fellow boaters over a cup of coffee in the morning.

This is always a fun time and a great chance to keep in touch with other members. If you have any questions, feel free to call either Colin Allan at 584-1926 or Janice Bunge at 584-2347.

Hope to see you at Oiseau Rock!