Safe Boating Awareness Week – 2015 May 16-22

Celebrate ‘Safety on the Water’ during Safe Boating Awareness Week. Watch for displays, newspaper articles, radio spots, and more in your community as CPS-ECP gears up to ensure recreational boaters are equipped with the information they need to enjoy their… Continue reading

Weather and Seamanship

CPS is preparing a new series of courses on Weather and Seamanship.  The first in the series: “Weather and Seamanship: Near Shore Winds and Waves” will be available in the next few months.  Versions targeted at specific areas… Continue reading

Navigation with Smartphones and Tablets

At the recent Toronto Boat show in Toronto, Fugawi gave a presentation on electronic navigation which may be of some interest to your EN instructors. As you may know, Fugawi is well known for its desktop and mobile electronic navigation… Continue reading

About Oiseau Rock

Oiseau Rock is a sheer rock face about 150 metres in height which rises straight out of the Ottawa River in Ontario. It was a sacred site for First Nations Peoples who have left behind a remarkable legacy of ancient… Continue reading

2014 Summer Rendezvous at Oiseau Rock

It’s time for Oiseau Rock Squadron Members and Friends to celebrate the ANNUAL OISEAU ROCK RENDEZVOUS! The rendezvous is scheduled for Saturday, August 9th.

All members and boater friends are invited to come to an afternoon of hors d’ouvres and… Continue reading